The Power of Blogs

Consumers have found a way to use the World Wide Web through blogs to voice their opinions about a variety of topics and guarantee that large numbers read what they have to say.

Blogs, short for web logs, are online journals that made their debut about nine years ago. Since 2002, however, interest in blogging has increased dramatically due to the blog’s role in breaking and spinning news stories.

Today, blogging has entered the mainstream. Popular topics for bloggers include politics, sports and entertainment, but blogs can be found on every topic imaginable and through them, anyone can become a journalist and write entries that are often accepted with the same credibility as newspaper and magazine articles.

For anyone who provides a service or sells a product, a blogger can make a big impact. And for every satisfied customer raving about or praising a company, there are also entries from the less than satisfied or disgruntled, making this a practice every business should monitor carefully.

A simple search on any search engine would reveal the variety of blogs available, including those concerning AAA. And since it appears that this is a practice that is here to stay, many companies are paying attention, creating blogs of their own. They also monitor blogs to help them learn candid information from consumers.

All AAA Mid-Atlantic service providers must make it a practice to provide the highest levels of customer service possible, and keep careful watch on Member Satisfaction Survey scores. Perhaps they should also make it a practice to search for and monitor blogs whenever possible with the ultimate goal to react quickly if something needs to change or to learn from the good that consumers may share.

Written for AAA Mid-Atlantic Newsletter – May, 2009


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