Message from Executive Vice President John Smith

Re: Full Steam Ahead

Dear Associates:

Yesterday, we reached a major milestone that will lead us toward future success. About 250 U.S. Lending associates began using the Eclipse platform.

This is a tremendous win for our organization. Eclipse will help Retail Lending originate and fund loans quickly and efficiently. It will also lower costs, improve service levels and make us more competitive. Best of all, it brings the Retail sales channel and the Operations personnel supporting them onto a common platform currently shared by and Direct.

One of our major corporate goals this year, from a technology standpoint, is to work on improving our processes and become consistent across all channels. Yesterday’s success, although only the beginning of the migration onto Eclipse, is a giant step in the right direction.

We have a lot of work to do over the next six weeks, and that begins with migrating U.S. Lending associates onto the platform at the rate of about 250 per week. Once this is complete, we will retire PILOT, Co-Pilot and Loansoft.

The Retail to Eclipse project is truly a fine example of the spirit of one company, one winning team. Many departments throughout the entire organization came together to make the migration a reality. I appreciate your hard work and dedication. I’d also like to thank the tireless efforts of the Eclipse project team, who worked around the clock to help us achieve yesterday’s results.

Finally, I send my gratitude to the U.S. Lending associates who migrated yesterday, or who will migrate over the next six weeks. I certainly appreciate your patience and your flexibility. As you forge ahead on the new platform, keep in mind that we all have the same goal and that is the collective success of GMAC ResCap!




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