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Home Dreams

View a pdf of Home Dreams, a newsletter for GMAC Mortgage customers.


Keeping you informed and connected in the event of an emergency

Critical events and extreme weather conditions that occur around the world are reminders of the importance of maintaining effective communication and staying connected during a crisis. Your primary connection to SunGard during a crisis is your manager and your immediate work group. Local office and team leadership will provide updates and instructions to your manager to be passed along to you. That’s why it is important to keep your contact information with SunGard up to date, including your cell phone home phone numbers and a personal email address in case internal email is unavailable. Review your contact information now on My SunGard or use the process in your region if your location is not on My SunGard to make sure it is current and complete.

Stay informed

In a crisis or emergency, SunGard will use all appropriate communication channels to share pertinent information with employees. One method is our desktop messaging system, SnapComms. It delivers pop-up visual alerts to computer desktop. These messages are used sparingly for special announcements, including emergency notifications for all employees, or to targeted locations.

SnapComms are ideal for urgent alerts in case of an emergency or to call attention to special announcements. On occasion, we will send test messages to ensure that employees know what to look for in case of an actual emergency. Keep a look out for an emergency test SnapComms message in the coming weeks.

Stay connected

SunGard’s Crisis Communications website has the latest news and information about any office or system closures, transportation issues and more, as well as referrals to appropriate resources and authorities for specific guidance. SunGard’s crisis communications team will post the details and provide regular updates as a situation may change and unfold. Be sure to check this site regularly during an emergency.

If you can’t access the Crisis Communications site, you can call the SunGard Global Helpdesk to listen to recorded messages with information and instructions during an emergency. You can also use this number to report critical and emergency issues. You should have received the Global Helpdesk number for your region from your local office management or your manager. The list of numbers is available on the Connect IT website. Keep this number handy in your wallet or other place that’s readily accessible.

In the highly unusual event that the SunGard internal network is inaccessible, special information for employees will be posted to SunGard’s public website,, and on social media outlets.




New video conference features available

                              ** This message is for all Financial Systems and Corporate Employees**

Over the past few years, SunGard has made a significant investment in high-definition video conferencing. Today, we have more than 40 global locations where we can host high-definition multi-party video conference meetings. As an employee, you also have the ability to host point-to-point meetings with your peers directly from your computer using Lync.

Now, with the introduction of brand new features, you can use Lync or a mobile device to connect to a video conference in any of our high-definition video conference locations. These new features enable greater connectivity, and allow SunGard to offer a variety unified solutions for your communication needs. Here’s how it works:

Use Lync to connect to a high-definition video conference. Lync now enables you to connect directly from your computer to a video conference in any of our global locations. Simply enter the Virtual Meeting Room information provided by the host in the Lync search bar. When the contact appears, right click start the video call.

Use a mobile device and add more flexibility. Devices such as an iPad can also help you connect to video conferences hosted in one of our global locations. Follow the instructional videos on Connect IT to install the Real Presence Mobile application onto your mobile device. To do this, you will need an iTunes password and access to the iTunes store. After installing the application, follow the instructions to register your device with SunGard’s video network before connecting. The videos are specific to the iPad, although they may be applicable to other devices, such as Windows Mobile and Android.

Additional information on video conferencing and the new features available can be found on Connect IT. While visiting the site, learn the benefits of Going Video.

Questions? Contact the Global IT Helpdesk by email, 24-hour helpline, or self-service.

Battling fraud one loan at a time

What is the number one way to uncover mortgage loan fraud?

Paul Sullivan, director of mortgage fraud operations in Fort Washington, knows the
answer to this question first hand and is on a mission to stop fraud altogether. In June and
July, he takes his training class on the road to keep loan quality high and reduce any risk
to the company.

“Mortgage fraud is at an all-time high, and tips from company employees is the top way
to uncover a problem,” he says. “Therefore, the key to successful risk management and
fraud prevention is training.”

Along with his team, Sullivan, who has been with GMAC for almost 14 years, created
fraud training for both correspondent and consumer lending employees to help eliminate
the problem. His team includes the Minneapolis crew of fraud manager Brenda Maze,
lead fraud investigator Kris Slettedahl, senior investigator Rich Brown, and fraud analyst
Tim Johnson, along with senior fraud analyst Joan Cahill, in Fort Washington.

As a well-known industry expert on mortgage fraud, Sullivan was recently invited to
speak at this month’s Combat Mortgage Fraud Conference sponsored by Inside Mortgage

“Mortgage fraud can take many forms, such as multi-lien fraud (several loans are taken
out on one property), fraud to qualify (the applicant provides false information), appraisal
fraud and foreclosure schemes to name a few,” says Sullivan. “In the sessions we train
associates to look for red flags and compare the information on the application carefully
to the information found on the credit report and other documents.”

The training is made up of two sessions, the first for newer hires that covers fraud 101,
and the employee’s role in prevention, and the second for advanced employees, that
covers current trends, investment scams, and foreclosure schemes. While the training is
computer based, Sullivan feels it is crucial to meet with trainees face-to-face to show
them that no one is immune.

“It’s not about finger-pointing, but it is about education,” he says. “We use real
documents and examples with the names blanked out to make it more effective.”

While bringing loan fraud to our employees’ attention is what these classes aim to do,
Sullivan realizes he has to be careful not to make employees overly paranoid.

“The majority of the loans we process at GMAC are good loans,” he says. “We’ve simply
created the tools to bring the issue to light and teach employees when they should raise a
red flag.”

Training is mandatory for employees and kicks off in Phoenix on June 15 and 16 before

GMAC Mortgage sponors welcome home troops event in Phila.

On Saturday, June 20, GMAC Mortgage sponsored a Welcome Home Troops event at the
Philadelphia VA Medical Center to educate veterans about the U.S. Department of Veteran
Affairs’ VA Home Loan Program. Three GMAC Mortgage loan officers from Fort Washington –
all military veterans – were on site to speak to veterans and their families about this exclusive

Senior loan agent Phil Gillies was honored to attend the event on behalf of GMAC Mortgage. A
former U.S. Army Sgt. who served between 1982 and 1989, Gillies was interviewed by radio
personality Dom Giordano on a live segment broadcast on 1210 AM, a local Philadelphia talk
radio station.

“VA loans were designed to make it easier for the returning soldier to purchase a home,”
explains Gillies. “The program makes it more affordable for the veteran, who can purchase a
home with no money down, and without the requirement for private mortgage insurance.” Zero
down loans are virtually impossible to find outside the VA Home Loan Program.

Gillies also stressed the importance of GMAC Mortgage’s free credit pre-approval program
during the interview, where many other lenders will charge a fee for this service. With a credit
pre-approval in hand, buyers can shop in the right price range and show sellers that they have
been pre-approved by a reputable mortgage lender.

Veterans of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, National Reserve and their
spouses are entitled to leverage the VA Home Loan Program as long as minimum credit, income and length of service requirements are met.

“By sponsoring this event, GMAC Mortgage showed the Philadelphia community that we are
proud of the vets who sacrifice so much for our country,” says Alf Markussen, a VA Home
Loans specialist in Fort Washington, who also attended the event. “I have noticed a major
increase in veterans inquiring about their eligibility for VA loans because it is one of the best
purchase programs on the market.”

Markussen served on active duty in the U.S. Army from 1986-1988 and has a passion for helping the military. He adds that many attendees were happy to see a company like GMAC Mortgage offer VA loans.

Joe Yenfer, a Fort Washington loan officer and Bronze Star recipient, says he looks at these
events as like farming. “We plant the seeds of goodwill with local veterans that hopefully we can harvest later to help the company grow,” he says.

Yenfer served as a combat medic with the 101st Airborne Division in 1968 and 1969. This is the same division that held on to Bastogne, France during the Battle of the Bulge in World War II, and was the basis for the Mel Gibson film, We Were Soldiers.

The GMAC Mortgage toll-free number for the VA Loan program is 1-800-876-4622.

Message from the president

Dear ResCap Associates:

I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it is to be a part of the Residential Finance Group. I’ve been working with GMAC ResCap for eight months now, and over the last few weeks in my new role, I’ve met with a number of groups throughout the RFG and worked closely with the leadership team. It is clear to me that the company has a rich and successful history, a reputation second to none, and talented associates who have made it a strong force in the industry. Even when facing the toughest challenges of this past year, your loyalty and dedication remain strong, and I am proud to join your team.

Let me assure you that we have a plan in place to restore the RFG to profitability and remain a significant player in the industry. Together, our objectives for 2008 include:

  • Net Income – Our goal is to continue to progress toward profitability. In 2007, we lost $4 billion, but it was portfolio related. Our Target for 2008 is to break even.
  • Operating Expense/People Metrics – With the restructuring behind us, we are leaner and stronger than we were a year ago. Our leaders and associates must continue to remove any unnecessary expenses from our operations and lower our costs to make us more profitable.
  • Performance Culture –We will set objectives and metrics that are vertically and horizontally integrated with mid- and year-end reviews so that there is a clear line from performance to compensation.

We will succeed in meeting these objectives only if we have an engaged workforce. My promise to you is to communicate often so you will know exactly where we stand. The good news I can share now is that we are performing to plan for the first two months of 2008, and we’re off to a good start.

We must continue to work as one company – one winning team – to help us improve our business practices. In addition, while difficult market conditions remain beyond our control, it is up to us drive ahead. It’s not going to be easy, but there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

I look forward to working with all of you.

Paul Bossidy