Keeping you informed and connected in the event of an emergency

Critical events and extreme weather conditions that occur around the world are reminders of the importance of maintaining effective communication and staying connected during a crisis. Your primary connection to SunGard during a crisis is your manager and your immediate work group. Local office and team leadership will provide updates and instructions to your manager to be passed along to you. That’s why it is important to keep your contact information with SunGard up to date, including your cell phone home phone numbers and a personal email address in case internal email is unavailable. Review your contact information now on My SunGard or use the process in your region if your location is not on My SunGard to make sure it is current and complete.

Stay informed

In a crisis or emergency, SunGard will use all appropriate communication channels to share pertinent information with employees. One method is our desktop messaging system, SnapComms. It delivers pop-up visual alerts to computer desktop. These messages are used sparingly for special announcements, including emergency notifications for all employees, or to targeted locations.

SnapComms are ideal for urgent alerts in case of an emergency or to call attention to special announcements. On occasion, we will send test messages to ensure that employees know what to look for in case of an actual emergency. Keep a look out for an emergency test SnapComms message in the coming weeks.

Stay connected

SunGard’s Crisis Communications website has the latest news and information about any office or system closures, transportation issues and more, as well as referrals to appropriate resources and authorities for specific guidance. SunGard’s crisis communications team will post the details and provide regular updates as a situation may change and unfold. Be sure to check this site regularly during an emergency.

If you can’t access the Crisis Communications site, you can call the SunGard Global Helpdesk to listen to recorded messages with information and instructions during an emergency. You can also use this number to report critical and emergency issues. You should have received the Global Helpdesk number for your region from your local office management or your manager. The list of numbers is available on the Connect IT website. Keep this number handy in your wallet or other place that’s readily accessible.

In the highly unusual event that the SunGard internal network is inaccessible, special information for employees will be posted to SunGard’s public website,, and on social media outlets.





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