New video conference features available

                              ** This message is for all Financial Systems and Corporate Employees**

Over the past few years, SunGard has made a significant investment in high-definition video conferencing. Today, we have more than 40 global locations where we can host high-definition multi-party video conference meetings. As an employee, you also have the ability to host point-to-point meetings with your peers directly from your computer using Lync.

Now, with the introduction of brand new features, you can use Lync or a mobile device to connect to a video conference in any of our high-definition video conference locations. These new features enable greater connectivity, and allow SunGard to offer a variety unified solutions for your communication needs. Here’s how it works:

Use Lync to connect to a high-definition video conference. Lync now enables you to connect directly from your computer to a video conference in any of our global locations. Simply enter the Virtual Meeting Room information provided by the host in the Lync search bar. When the contact appears, right click start the video call.

Use a mobile device and add more flexibility. Devices such as an iPad can also help you connect to video conferences hosted in one of our global locations. Follow the instructional videos on Connect IT to install the Real Presence Mobile application onto your mobile device. To do this, you will need an iTunes password and access to the iTunes store. After installing the application, follow the instructions to register your device with SunGard’s video network before connecting. The videos are specific to the iPad, although they may be applicable to other devices, such as Windows Mobile and Android.

Additional information on video conferencing and the new features available can be found on Connect IT. While visiting the site, learn the benefits of Going Video.

Questions? Contact the Global IT Helpdesk by email, 24-hour helpline, or self-service.


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