Because we’re people not algorithms

You’re likely to hear the term robo advisor tossed around these days. The trendy online technology promises fully automated, algorithm-driven portfolio management for investors looking for hands-off investing.

For the majority of investors, however, a relationship with a qualified financial advisor is still preferred. The experience and knowledge a financial advisor brings is a valuable commodity because comprehensive financial planning, which is necessary for your financial well-being, is a lot more than just portfolio management.

A variety of services
A relationship with a financial advisor is long-term and often grows stronger as you navigate through the stages of your life. Where robo advisors are one-dimensional, financial advisors can help with your financial goals when you marry, start a family, prepare to send the kids off to college, save for retirement or need long-term care. Financial advisors can help with financial planning, investment planning and estate planning, as well as insurance services and more.

The human touch
There is little doubt that computers have improved our lives in many ways, but should you trust your hard-earned savings to a robot that doesn’t have the capability of understanding your unique and specific needs? No computer can do what financial advisors do best: provide personalized advice based on real-life experience. If there is a sudden change in your income or you need to care for a sick parent, for example, robo advisors aren’t programmed to consider those changes. Financial advisors can also help with any anxiety you may experience if there are changes in the market.

The big picture
Robo advisors tend to focus on the short-term, proving that “one size does not fit” when you’re planning for long-term investment and retirement goals. Computers are not capable of working with you on a personal level, but financial advisors can evaluate the big picture, or catch something before investing, such as potential risks on the horizon.

Let’s plan your future together
At Lincoln Investment we understand that helping you get started early is the key to retiring well. We realize that you are more than your investment portfolio, and will bring experience and knowledge to the table, engage you in the right conversation and help you create and implement a financial plan that fits your unique goals. Let’s get started today.


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