Advisor profile: Madison Weber

You’d be spot-on to refer to Madison Weber, a financial representative for Consolidated Financial Corp. in Southfield, Michigan, as a rising star.

Madison began her financial career in 2015, after graduating Magna Cum Laude from Miami University. She has since earned Series 7 and 66 licenses and holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) certification. Her successful entry into the business caught the notice of Advisor Council, where she was recently brought on as their youngest member. The Council is convinced she is the perfect inspiration for the next generation of advisors. Her branch manager wholeheartedly agrees.

“We definitely feel lucky to have Madison on our team,” says Shannon LaBarre, supervising principal. “She is a genuine, kind, thoughtful and energetic person. Madison defies the millennial myths and brings a fresh and unique perspective to our industry. She is extremely accomplished and quick to show initiative. We are thankful she chose Consolidated Financial and Lincoln Investment to share her journey.”

The young advisor is also a textbook example of how a succession plan should work, and her partnership with Tom Maxey, a 36-year industry veteran, operates seamlessly.

“Tom brought me into the practice with growth in mind,” Madison said. “He encouraged me to learn the business as it exists today and then to mold the business as it will relate to tomorrow. Our partnership has afforded me the opportunity to learn from a successful model and the support to challenge what exists.”

According to Tom, that mentorship relationship works both ways. Since he is a Baby Boomer and Madison is a Millennial, they bring different perspectives to the table and have used them to implement an intergenerational approach towards capturing a multi-generational market. Tom explained that Madison understands both generations very well. “She’s a forward thinker and I wish I could clone her,” he said.

Not only is it fun to have the energy of a diverse partnership, but it has also proven effective for the duo as well. “We‘ve successfully targeted the children and grandchildren of our clients,” Tom said. “We actually have a situation where we serve five generations in one family.”

Madison’s advice to advisors beginning a career is as straightforward as her approach to business.

“Start with the end in mind,” she said. “Being an advisor provides tremendous flexibility and the opportunity to be entrepreneurial. Just as you build strategy into your interactions with clients, be intentional about building strategy into your own practice. When you make decisions on advancing your business, whether it be pursuing your CFP® mark or implementing Redtail, jump ahead to the end.”

She believes that strategy will not only help you get to where you need to go, but it will also add to the value of your business when you are ready to retire.

“The more proactive you are about building a business for yourself, the less reactive you will have to be about building a business that complies,” she added. “Everything can either be negative or positive. You can look at Redtail as a new tool to learn or as an assistant that doesn’t require healthcare benefits, FICA taxes and paid vacation. The business is yours for the taking and the company culture is the way you choose to approach it.”


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