Employee engagement drives loyalty, collaboration and satisfaction

“There is good teamwork and cooperation between departments at GMAC.”

In June, we had the opportunity to provide our anonymous feedback to this statement and many others through the Global Engagement Survey.

I believe collaboration will be the key to accomplishing our aggressive goals. Teamwork, which is essential to successful collaboration, includes many key behaviors such as trust, respect, self-awareness, and humility. It also creates an open environment where we enhance our business relationships, share ideas and varying perspectives, and become receptive to change. All of these elements ultimately provide a better experience for our customers.

When GMAC ResCap launched President Obama’s Home Affordable Modification Program and Homeowners Affordability and Stability Plan this spring, we succeeded because of the combined strength of our servicing, originations and corporate support groups. In fact, ResCap was one of the first servicers to launch the program into production, and in the process, has helped thousands of families facing difficult financial circumstances.

Every day we need to show the potential and power of collaboration and teamwork. We have the talent of thousands of experienced, dedicated employees like you across all of our business units and global functions. We need your effort, creativity and best work to ensure GMAC’s success.

Results of the Global Engagement Survey will be available in September, and your feedback will show how we are progressing toward building an engaged and high-performance team, as well as identifying where we can improve. Rest assured that your responses are important and will help make GMAC a great place to work.

We look forward to sharing these results with you and working together to meet our goals.


Tony Renzi, Chief Operating Officer, GMAC ResCap

This message is the latest in a series of leadership messages on the GMAC Global Engagement Survey. The Global Engagement Survey will provide valuable feedback on a number of key issues that influence our organization.


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